Yoga for Healthy Aging, It’s Never Too Late

Call it: Post Modern Yoga, Non-Pretzel Yoga, no matter, it is a powerful and rewarding practice – at any age. Yet, I see youthful, bendy, gravity defying yoga images everywhere!

Do you see yourself reflected in those images? Nope, me neither.

However, I do see and feel gravity pulling down on my body every day.

Truth: We are all aging.

Another Truth: Everything changes, nothing stays the same.(this is good news!)

Day after day, year after year, our body gives in, bit by bit, to gravity.  Over time our joints dry and fascia hardens, postural habits set in … but, we don’t have to despair, instead: reshape and repair!

How we sit, the activities we engage in, how we hold our body, as well as the fitness activities we engage in, ALL impact the structural balance of your body. The two most common imbalances that occur over time are forward head posture and pelvic tilt. This imbalance overworks some muscles and weakens others.

Mountain Pose is the mother of all poses. Learning the alignment awareness of this ONE POSE (below) can not only improve posture, this alignment is contained within all other yoga poses.

Looks easy, doesn’t it? However it often feels quite uncomfortable in the beginning. Remember, most of us have been sitting and standing with the head forward and pelvis tilted, for years.

Try this: standing with your buttocks, shoulders and back of head against a doorjamb or against a wall to experience verticality. Where is your head? Are your ears over your shoulders?

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Amy thanks to Yoga Anatomy Book for the image above