Yoga and Yard Work

What’s sore and why

After the cold, dark, short days of Winter…Spring is finally here! This time of year, we can hardly wait to get outside! We are so eager to walk, mow, weed, trim, plant.

Weekend Warriors are under even MORE pressure to get out there for the only two days they have available (weather permitting, of course.) Is it any wonder that Mondays at work are full of stiff, sore, sunburned and ‘stove-up’ folks?

I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips for preparing your hands, arms, shoulders, back, legs for all this new activity. So here you go.

It all starts with BODY AWARENESS (or the big word for it: Proprioception-the perception and awareness of your body in space and its movements.)

I begin every yoga session with a centering. Going inward, (another big word: Pratyahara-going inward). Try this little ritual before your yard work.

Inhale deeply and smoothly. With your mind, scan your body for any tightness or gripping. With a longgg sigh, allow those areas to soften and release. (Keep reading for some simple stretches I recommend to add to this ritual.)

The chart above is a great reference for front-loading your body awareness before yard work.

  • What task are you attempting today?
  • What tools will you be using?
  • What body parts will be affected?
  • Will I be in a hot sunny area?
  • Can I plan my tasks to rotate, stay in shade, as well as rotate the body parts needed per task?

Get the most out your day. Stay present in each moment. Enjoy the textures, smells, colors all around you. Take EYE CANDY and BREATH BREAKS often. Commend yourself for your nourishing yourself with this gratifying work, knowing it beautifies your space and all who pass through it!

Here are some simple stretches to incorporate into your busy gardening day.

My Rx for you would be to perform these stretches Before, During and definitely AFTER your yard work.

A hot bath or shower never hurts either!


Gotta run… We have a huge pile of mulch to distribute around the Schoolhouse grounds.

May the eternal sun shine upon you.
All love surround you.
And may the light within you guide your way.