Stack’m Up! Posture Police!

No handcuffs necessary, however it’s arresting-ly true that Posture is Paramount to healthy aging. (groan)

Look down the road.

Left: your spine at 25 Right: your spine as you grow older.

The ancient yogi’s taught : Healthy Spine = Healthy Body. The scientific data is in.

Studies now show prolonged sitting is linked to a number of health issues: impaired cardio-vascular function, musculo-skeletal issues, reduced lung capacity. Often without manifest symptoms until years down the road.

You’ve heard: “Sitting is the new smoking,” or ” Text Neck?” Well, we all sit, we all find ourselves w/head forward, smart phone (book, laptop) in hand, looking down, texting/reading. We are all affected by the long term daily downward pull of gravity.

I am not just talking about Osteoporosis (decreased bone mass.) I’m talking Hyperkyphosis, the over rounding and flattening of the natural spinal curves. A new health buzz word with consequences.

Two distinct conditions but with similar negative affects to our long term health and well being.

Fortunately it’s not too late. You can correct this bad posture cascade. Yoga is available to us ALL. It’s an ancient and adaptable practice here to enhance our vitality, health and well being. Are you yoga curious?

Join me.

Awareness is the first step and I’m here to tell you, yoga can be YOUR tool to strengthen, lengthen and bring the natural spinal curves back to your body. It’s NOT too late!

Stay tuned for more detailed information, tips and upcoming workshops.