You’ve probably heard this phrase as a salutation at the end of a yoga class or maybe even in a tv commercial!

Namastè translates into ” The divine in me sees and honors the divine in you”

I LOVE this humble greeting almost as much as I love my yoga practice. It takes me below the surface to a level of awareness where I feel connected, united: YOGA!

Many of us are taught (and/or believe) everyone is made in the image of God, but I’ve never been quite sure what that means.

On the other hand, I really get this joke:

“You can be sure you’ve made God into YOUR image when He hates the same people you do.”

Lately, I see so much hate and dehumanizing all around the globe. I find it very disturbing, and struggle to resist feeling helpless and hopeless.

Then I read this in a favorite blog by Richard Rohr:

Namaste asks something huge of us: If the divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you, how could I abuse, debase, violate, or harass? I would, after all, only be punishing myself. —Josh Radnor

Therefore, I endeavor (and invite you,) to GET REAL INTENTIONAL w/ Namastè. To recognize, honor, and respect the image of God in everyone. No exceptions.

Let me know how this impacts you over the next week or so, because I do believe in the power of each personal ripple in this big beautiful pond of life.



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