Mandala Madness

Mandalas: Geometric forms (Hindi and Buddhist in origin) used to  symbolize the universe.

I am attracted to them like a four leaf clover in the grass: I cannot, NOT see one. They stop me in my tracks!

I’m drawn into their center, a deep inhale arises and I feel a sense of calm take over as I exhale.

Today, with 2 mass shootings in less than 1 day, I’ve  searched my bag of yoga coping skills:  It’s a MANDALA DAY

Your turn:

Scroll down. Which one(s) catch your attention? STOP. Let it hold your attention a few minutes longer.  Breathe. Deeply.

Mandalas – the easiest, most soothing  ‘stay-cation’ you can take, right this minute!

They are great visual aids for meditation, a silent pause. Just give yourself this gift of a moment, of deep breathy sighs. Soften.

LMK which ones you like best. Which ones made you pause?

Amy Bott CYT240

”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. The Dalai Lama