What If I am not flexible and can’t even touch my toes?
Flexibility is NOT required but will gently increase over time, without pain. Just show up to class with an open heart and willing spirit and enjoy the calm that yoga stretching and breathing bring to your life.

What if I am recovering from an injury or recent surgery?
All classes offer safe modifications for every age and body type with special attention to protecting joints, muscles or delicate areas recovering from injury or surgery.

What kind of equipment do I need to do yoga?

Just some stretchy clothes, a yoga mat and a blanket or throw. If you have yoga blocks and a strap, tuck them in your bag and bring them too! Bolsters, blankets, and stable chair will be provided when needed

What if my Doctor recommended I try Yoga?

Great! Many physicians are now on board with the benefits of a yoga practice because they are seeing more and more scientific studies conducted and released, bridging ancient yogic wisdom with modern physiology, anatomy and kinesiology. We’ll talk about your diagnosis, any contraindications and what goal you and your doctor are seeking to achieve with yoga. Better sleep? More flexibility? Muscle tone or strength? Relaxation? This gentle practice is a wonderful beginning.

What’s Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga is Hatha yoga that simply uses a chair as prop, starting you up off the floor. It’s a great introduction to all the same challenging spinal movements and breath work key to a Hatha yoga practice. This prop, just like blocks, help guide and support your body safely into the deeper poses, avoiding injury.

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Tell me more about yoga w/friends

Yoga comes to you in this popular package. It’s a way to have fun and do yoga in the comfort of your home!

All you need is at least 6Friends, 6Weeks & space. I will bring a custom class to your group at least 1x/week. You supply the space where we can spread out, everyone brings their own mat and props and we all have fun. Prices vary. Call for details! 513-836-3252