Core Work, Cookies & Christmas

It’s been cold and snowy. I live in awe of the natural textures all around us. Each days walk, each circle around the pond delights me in a new way.

The ground is spongey soft, then hard. The snow can be full and fluffy, then next day, dries to a chunky crystal coating. The pond is still and blue, then rippled and gray with a thin skin of ice at its edge.

Yoga continues to delight and hold my attention too, for more decades than I care to count!

In this mornings yoga class we worked on our core. I was beaming with pride and gratitude when I looked out today, over the class to see my students focused efforts-especially on core work!

I am the first one to admit that I DO NOT like core work. Seriously. But a stable core is the key to a strong spine allowing stability, balance and movement to the body. Fortunately, Yoga core work is different than other core work I’ve experienced. Meaning: it doesn’t make me want to throw up.

Hatha Yoga is more about movement with awareness and a still mind, rather than fast repetition, crunching  and counting. Yay! So even though we were definitely challenging our core muscles today, we were breathing seeking that elusive balance between ease and effort.

We started with breath work to warm and bring focus to the abs: Kapalabhati Pranayama

We warmed and stretch the abs w/ cobra and locust variations.

Then moved on to holding Boat (Navasana) and upward Plank.

There was also laughterthe very best core workout of all. As usual, each student chose the supported savasana (rest) at the end of class. As we centered and closed the practice, the serenity I see on the faces of students is my reward. We all left relaxed and ready for the holidays.

Soon after class I hosted a Christmas Cookie bake off at the schoolhouse. (

Three generations of my family shared stories of many a Christmas Past, Peace Cookie recipes and homemade Kaluha! There was more laughter (more core work!) Chatting and catching up with the each other while sprinkling sugar, rolling dough and minding the oven made for a great stress release (for our finals studying brain-iac nieces) and just plain fun for us all.

Here’s to friends and families all across the globe: WE ARE FRAMILY!






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