Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India. Here in the USA, Hatha Yoga has blended well into our physical fitness trends, but all too often it leaves behind the most valuable truth: YOGA IS ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE, not just the physically fit.

Yoga is a practice you can start at any time in your life. It’s a wonderful complement to other fitness activities like walking, weight training, running. But no matter when you start, your yoga journey will bring flexibility to your limbs, strength to your muscles and balance to your mind and body like nothing else.



Introverts are usually quiet, generally prefer to interact in small groups, better yet: one-on-one. For most the only energy refill is: time alone. Introverts get their energy by going inward.

On the other hand, extroverts get their energy outside of themselves. Generally very social, they are comfortable in big groups, “don’t know a stranger,” and have no trouble diving into new situations.

Our world needs both. Our lives often require both qualities too. They each have their strengths.

I found yoga as an anxious teen. It offered me a path to balance. The introspective part of yoga immediately caught and held my attention.

Each hour long session placed me in safe, enclosed grounded poses, but also transitioned my body into standing outstretched, extroverted poses.

At first I felt VERY self conscious, but prompted by the instructor to return my awareness to my breath, my nervousness faded. I was hooked!

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Meet Amy Bott, cyt240

Before yoga studios were in every neighborhood, I was self-studying at home with books like: YOGA, YOUTH & REINCARNATION and TV pioneers like: LILIAS YOGA.

Life, as it went on, would get in the way of my practice, but I always came back to the mat. My body and my mind called me back, craving the feel good muscle stretch and the mental clarity and balance.

I earned my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification, adding 40 hours of specific training in Chair Yoga in 2012. My yoga instructor journey began in East Texas and now, I am happy to be home again, teaching in Ohio!

I vowed then, to never forget what it was like to be a beginner. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the transformation and benefits readily available in yoga!

I’ve taught yoga to the sedentary, handicapped, seniors and marathon athletes. Join me at the Schoolhouse and begin your journey to health, vitality and wellness. Yoga has something to offer us all.