Q: How often should one do YOGA?

A: Only on the days you want to FEEL GOOD! jhl

An apple a day…An asana each day, keeps aches and pains away!

an apple a day...an asana a day

Welcome! My name is Amy Bott. I’ve practiced yoga for over 30 years and I want YOU to experience the vitality, health and feel good energy yoga has brought to my body and my life. Find out for yourself!

I offer classic Hatha Yoga lessons to the Yoga Curious, as well as the experienced Yogi.¬† Yet, I still remember what it was like to be the beginner: full of questions, never sure if I was ‘doing it right’.

Allow me to guide you into a safe and personal practice, set to reach your goals, designed for YOUR UNIQUE BODY.

Learn how to clear the “issues in your tissues” leaving your body prepared for better sleep, improved muscle tone and flexibility.

You will love the added benefit of increased calm and clarity that comes to the mind with a gentle yoga practice.


I design AM sessions wake and stretch the body slowly, filling your energy reserves to last all day.
PM sessions transition the body into specific positions to help fade away the days events, allowing you to stretch out, release, relax and restore.

This non-pretzel yoga style is modified to accommodate all body types.

I am so sure you’ll enjoy all the benefits of yoga – Your FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

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